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Anchors was a women’s auxiliary to the UCLA NROTC established in the fall of 1954 by four students dating midshipmen in the unit interested in furthering their knowledge of the Navy. They held frequent exchanges with the midshipmen, accompanied the unit to community service events, acted as a secretariat to Conning Tower, went on many tours of navy vessels, and were the official hostesses of the NROTC. Anchors sought to promote an interest in the NROTC and to gain a fuller understanding of the Navy through exposure to naval life, customs, and traditions.

In 1956, their numbers had grown to 30; by 1958, it had doubled to 60; in 1962, 200 women rushed for open 45 spots.

As time passed, the group took on more community service projects (such as caroling at the Veterans’ Hospital) and began receiving instruction in riflery. In 1958, Captain Anthony Dropp, the new commanding officer of the battalion, set a precedent by becoming the sponsor for Anchors. They began attending weekly drill sessions with the unit in their own uniforms and held exchanges with the USC NROTC to establish an Anchors chapter there. The group began declining in number during the late 1960s and there was no further mention of Anchors after 1972.

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Source: UCLA Southern Campus yearbook 1956 – 1972