Stripe & Star Ball

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1940 saw the first record of a UCLA NROTC ball, but the Stripe and Star Ball as it is today began in 1941 as a traditional dance to see off the commissioning midshipmen some time in June.

As it evolved, it became more and more extravagant. Especially during the World War II years, it was the talk of the campus. The ball was noted as the “social highlight of the year” during the 1960s.

The Stripe and Star Ball today exists as one of two balls (the other being the Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball) annually organized by the unit. Unlike the Birthday Ball, it is not organized jointly with our fellow midshipmen at USC. It is tradition that the junior class tastefully roast the senior class as a final farewell.

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Sources: UCLA NROTC archives; UCLA Southern Life yearbook 1940 – 1969